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Yes. S. I. N. offers a full line of prosthetic components for the HE (external hexagon), HI (internal hexagon) and CM (Morse Taper) platforms, that can be used according to the concept of platform switching, where the diameter of abutment is smaller than the diameter of the implant platform, thereby improving the distribution of the occlusal force and minimizing cervical bone reabsorption. One of the main examples is the 3.6 FIT line of prosthetic components for the external hexagon, a S. I. N. exclusive that, combined with the Strong SW HE implants line allows for the use of this concept for the HE implants with a cervical diameter of 4.1 mm.

Our implants are made of commercially pure grade IV titanium, produced within a strict quality process, meeting the ASTMF67 standards. This material has excellent biological features that will ensure its clinical success and patient safety demonstrated by clinical and scientific studies published globally in the most respected magazines in the industry. These quality certifications have meant that S. I. N. products have been exported to several countries such as Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Spain and Italy, among many others.

The minimum age for implants is 16 for women and 17 for men, on average, but an individual assessment of each case is required. Through comprehensive clinical evaluation, examination and specific x-rays, it is possible to determine if the patient has already reached adulthood (end of the growth phase) and only from this moment on, should the surgery be performed. In relation to maximum age, there is no limit, provided that the patient has good general health and is fit to undergo the proposed procedure. Laboratory, radiographic and tomographic tests and a prior medical evaluation are critical to ensure the safety of the procedure in older patients.

Developed based on studies by Swedish orthopedist Dr. Branemark, osseointegrating implants arrived in Brazil at the end of the 80s and have been used to improve the quality of life of many patients in all continents. For over 15 years these implants have been manufactured in our country cutting edge S.I.N. technology, using raw material imported from the United States and with national and international quality certifications issued by major regulatory agencies such as ANVISA, EC (the European Community) and the FDA (USA), among others. This current regulatory accuracy, associated with the constant search for new technologies has made the Brazilian industry start exporting their products to several continents, overcoming clinical and scientific barriers for treatments with a high level of complexity in a predictable, and scientifically based manner.

The S. I. N. implants have substantial advantages, which have allowed the company to experience the greatest growth in the Brazilian market over the past ten years, where it is currently the second largest company in the sector in Latin America and one of the largest in the world. Among these advantages, we can highlight the traceability of the raw materials (all the products have individual records and are tracked in all stages of production until they reach the end consumer), quality inspection performed on 100% of the implants; a clean room where the surface treatment is conducted; the final packaging of the implants — a benchmark in the segment; continued investment in research and development in partnership with leading universities in Brazil and abroad and ongoing technical support to segment professionals.

S. I. N. is continuously seeking to innovate its product portfolio, focusing on the simplicity of clinical use, excellent cost-benefit ratio and clinical solutions that will positively impact the lives of patients. Through the rational use of scientific knowledge, the company has been able to offer the market products like the Strong SW implants and prosthetic components that have a revolutionary way of bringing together different types of prosthetic couplings in the same macro-geometric unit, simplifying daily use for professionals and reducing costs.

Currently there are implants manufactured by S. I. N. for the most diverse clinical situations, enabling the treatment of patients who have lost one or more teeth and cases with different levels of complexity. For all cases, however, it is essential to undergo an individualized assessment from a dental surgeon specialized in implantology, who may request specific laboratory, radiographic and tomographic tests for each case and determine the best treatment to be applied. In the S.I.N. product portfolio there are even products for specific clinical situations, such as limited lower jaw bone availability, severe upper jaw reabsorption, immediate load protocol, among others. In addition, in recent years with the advance of implant technology in S. I. N., there are products with a bigger and better bone absorption, which may provide even less time for osseointegration.

Our implants are valid for life and the prosthetic components have a shelf life of 5 (five) years after the date of sterilization, which, after installation and osseointegration, tends to last for the rest of the user’s life. The packaging of the products bring detailed information about the manufacturing date and batch number that make it possible to track every product produced by S. I. N., not only to guarantee the manufacturing quality, but also the longitudinal follow-up of clinical success.

Our company offers communication channels for clarification of clinical questions and clinical support for complex cases available to customers who use S. I. N. instruments, implants and prosthetic components. This support can be accessed by phone, email or in person and aims to place the company inside dental implantologists’ offices. Our clinical and scientific consultants are experts, masters and PhD’s in Implantology to ensure quality support in real-time for the professionals that will benefit their patients. With a network of actively expanding branches, S. I. N. currently has 12 branch offices located in various regions of Brazil, ensuring special local logistical support for its users.

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